Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chapter 76~ Events after events.. Been going out a lot!

Been going out a lot ever since I'm closed and connected with my primary school friends.. Kinda emo now, Candy left Malaysia.. Anyway, these are the pictures taken for this month...

Yu Heng took this picture of me writing wishes for Candy.. Its 6.30am!
Shein Hong wore a wrong pair of shoes, this what happens when you are not conscious..
All Myvi lo..Sien dao!
Candy's place,her grand piano! I want!
Preparing to go into her room! haha! Sneaking in!
Yi Hang's dog, coco!
Jackie and Jeslynn Law!
Shein Hong still half asleep..
Candy's cake!
Hyper sial..
So feminine!
Cry! Cry! Cry!Sob...!
Tak puas hati..
Errrr...!! No comment!

That's all for now..Will upload video for next post! xD

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