Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chapter 78~ The month of February seems to be a long period.. xD

Feels like February takes forever to end.. Well, my new semester commence! Phew! After a 3 months break.. New subjects, more on specialization units.. Now can focus on marketing and international trade.. Oh, what happen this few weeks? xD
Familiar? That's me! On valentines day, in Segi College!
Playing ethan's favourite songs, Hero and Always be my baby

Taking pictures! hehe..
Sing and sing and sing!
Ermmm..keep singing?
Look at Elaine Tan Shi En's masterpiece! She drew her W10 bulletin!
Joy's birthday celebration..
Ashley and Eunice " Love"
Wen Dee and Joy!
The long crowd! xD

It's been a busy week! Back to normal.. Is kinda fun..Not bad after all.. Hmmmm.. What did I do for this week? Fetching Elaine early in the morning to work, after work, watched movie " No strings attached".. Seeing her almost everyday d.. Hmmmm.. I'm actually addicted to " Monopoly Deal" card games.. We played almost every week after service! Went all the way to Klang and ate pan mee, then back to Subang A&W to play monopoly..

I think I end it here, kinda tired..

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