Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chapter 84~ Loving the journey I'm going through!

I'm seriously loving the journey I'm going through now! A lot of new adventures in storing for me! Haha! During my cousin's wedding dinner...
Snap! Snap!
Readying for the wedding dinner!

Sang during the wedding dinner with others! After that, one of the businessman for Station One offered me to sing at Station One! Any branch will be good! May be, Taipan, Sunway, SS15.. And etc.. Walao wei! Opportunity wei! I still remembered I wrote on 1 of my chapter about opportunities and hard work! Effort pays! Hehehe..! Anyway, my cousin got married d! Jasmine Lock! And her 2 siblings had kids d! Left 1 sibling not married!

Just joined the Choir club in Sunway College! While signing up, saw one of my classmates there, she plays the violin! I've been thinking of signing up instrumental wan, still prefer singing..hehe! Next wednesday will be my audition at 1.30pm! Must come early and prepare! Gambatte Andy! xD

My beloved friends! Went outing last week!
Yum! Yum! Solid food!
Bubur goreng! A random dinner outing!

We had a last minute random outing! Spontaneous trip because we are unable to find the place we wanna go! That's all for today! Signing out! xD

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chapter 83~ My path to realize my dream is still far ahead.. Its challenging though..

My dream is still quite far ahead.. Road is long, the valley is steep! Sometimes, it feels like giving up.. However, I've already head this far! There's no giving up! Pray God for His Strength! In times when I felt so weak, He's my source of strength.. I have so much to learn, so much to absorb and sharpen my skills..

At times, I feel so frustrated, thought I'm not gonna make it, or that I don't have the talent to do so! Constantly finding motivation, inspiration.. One of the example is Jess Lee Jia Wei, the champion for million star! Looking at her life, felt so touch! She practiced so hard, diligence and effort pays off!

Anyway, these are last year photo taken in class! During our presentation.. =)

Our tutor is friendly!
Kinda missed those times!

Different pictures if you notice our dress code! xD

And this is the video taken during our practice! We named our band " Boys1Girl" B1G! Hahaha! A bit similiar to BoysLikeGirls! Hahah! Jane was the only girl in our band..

Thats all for now! xD Till next post!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Chapter 82~ I donated blood for the first time yesterday!!

Before Haircut! After haircut! Feel so lighter now!
Waiting for the queue to donate blood!
I didn't know Chin Soon candid!Yay! Even in the midst of donating blood! You still can act cool!

Hey guys! Just donated my blood yesterday! Woohoo!! Donate blood! Give blood, Gives Life! For the sake of rescuiing those in need.. I don't mind getting a poke! Again! One poke! Save life! Haha! Besides, its not pain after all.. Not as painful and gross as I thought! Looks painful, actually it does not hurt that much!

Oh! I just cut my long long hair! I felt lighter now! I love my new hairstyle! Go to CUTWAY guys! In ss15! Woohoo! Love it! Easy to wash now! Easy to maintain! This week Sunday will be my cousin's wedding and I will be perform singing! Hmmm.. Still choosing a proper chinese song! Something that is relaxing, sweet and chilling!

Alright! Signing off right now! Will update more! =)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chapter 81~ God bless Japan!

What happen to this world man.. Disaster after Disaster! Haizzzz... Japan just experienced Earthquake, now nuclear exploded.. Anyway, this week have to rush and finish my assignment.. So many to be done.. Some last minute.. But manage to finish it! Thank God.. So far I'm in the right group for this semester..

As for PD2, kinda have some conflict with my team members due to co-operation and team work..

Kinda scared me! I thought there was radiation leaking out after the explosion.. However, my friend told me is the hydrogen gas that causes the explosion.. So no radiation leak out.. Another friend said it enter the sea.. Dangerous! I received forwarding messages like this:

"BBC NEWS, A nuclear power plant in Fukumi, Japan exploded at 4.30am today. If it rains tomorrow or later,dont go outside. If you are outside, be sure that you stay away from the rain or having rain protectors. DON'T let it touch you. You may have burns, lose hair,or even cancer.Please. Forward this to people that you care"

I was panic! Even though disaster happen, some of my friends still joking around, saying the radiation would grant us superhuman strength, grow tail ah, all sorts of nonsense, LOL! Heard that the radiation won't reach Malaysia..Even we are lucky, kinda think of it, its unfortune for those in Japan and nearby country..

Praying for rescue teams to help them.. This is the time to shine and save lives!

Anyway, this is FEI FEI! My cute little dog! Haha! She's feminine! Look like a girl man..

That's all for today chiaoz!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chapter 80~ Spectacular!!

Arrgggghhhh!! Have 2 assignments due next week! Anyway, my group members ah, so lame..In class funny lo.. Talked a lot wei.. Laughed a lot somemore.. Hhaaha! As for PD2 group members, I really hope we would maintain until the end of the semester! We did the best presentation on Monday.. The tutor love our slides.. Hhehehe.. And ermmm.. Came out some creative ideas.. Thank God for their commitment..

Her songs are awesome! Never fail to touch me! xD

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chapter 79~ Its March already.. Too fast!

Oh my goodness! Its March already! Its week 2 for my new semester! A lot of new things to be learn, new knowledge to be absorbed, new friends yet to be known, new mission, new goals, new vision, new skill! God made all things new! Woohoo!! Anyway, Andrew Teng, our ex cell group member is coming back this week! Its a surprise! Guess my member won't be able to read my blog! Hheehe..

He will be a guest guitarist! Hehehe.. Speaking about guitar, my cell group leader, Ethan is signing me up for worship team, acoustic guitarist, they will called me for audition.. Jonathan Lim from Ian cell group, W11 passed the audition last month.. He've been through 2 round of audition.. I'm kinda intimidated..However, Ethan supported me and motivate me! Brings the fire in me.. Hahaha! Don't think too much man! Just do it!

Went for karaoke last Sunday with Shawn,Ethan,Cleo,Seline...Sang our heart out! Peace!

Finally, Ethan and I had our own songs! So that we can sing the next time we go for Karaoke! Hahaha! We sang all the high pitch and high notes crazy song! I think I'm sort of Jess Lee Fan! Her vocal is totally great man!

Her vocal is just so superb! Perfect! Like the Western Mariah Carey and Celine Dion! Power and touching! All the CHINESE FAN out there! Watch this! You can cry man..

Will upload her singing English song for my next post! =)