Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chapter 79~ Its March already.. Too fast!

Oh my goodness! Its March already! Its week 2 for my new semester! A lot of new things to be learn, new knowledge to be absorbed, new friends yet to be known, new mission, new goals, new vision, new skill! God made all things new! Woohoo!! Anyway, Andrew Teng, our ex cell group member is coming back this week! Its a surprise! Guess my member won't be able to read my blog! Hheehe..

He will be a guest guitarist! Hehehe.. Speaking about guitar, my cell group leader, Ethan is signing me up for worship team, acoustic guitarist, they will called me for audition.. Jonathan Lim from Ian cell group, W11 passed the audition last month.. He've been through 2 round of audition.. I'm kinda intimidated..However, Ethan supported me and motivate me! Brings the fire in me.. Hahaha! Don't think too much man! Just do it!

Went for karaoke last Sunday with Shawn,Ethan,Cleo,Seline...Sang our heart out! Peace!

Finally, Ethan and I had our own songs! So that we can sing the next time we go for Karaoke! Hahaha! We sang all the high pitch and high notes crazy song! I think I'm sort of Jess Lee Fan! Her vocal is totally great man!

Her vocal is just so superb! Perfect! Like the Western Mariah Carey and Celine Dion! Power and touching! All the CHINESE FAN out there! Watch this! You can cry man..

Will upload her singing English song for my next post! =)

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