Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chapter 81~ God bless Japan!

What happen to this world man.. Disaster after Disaster! Haizzzz... Japan just experienced Earthquake, now nuclear exploded.. Anyway, this week have to rush and finish my assignment.. So many to be done.. Some last minute.. But manage to finish it! Thank God.. So far I'm in the right group for this semester..

As for PD2, kinda have some conflict with my team members due to co-operation and team work..

Kinda scared me! I thought there was radiation leaking out after the explosion.. However, my friend told me is the hydrogen gas that causes the explosion.. So no radiation leak out.. Another friend said it enter the sea.. Dangerous! I received forwarding messages like this:

"BBC NEWS, A nuclear power plant in Fukumi, Japan exploded at 4.30am today. If it rains tomorrow or later,dont go outside. If you are outside, be sure that you stay away from the rain or having rain protectors. DON'T let it touch you. You may have burns, lose hair,or even cancer.Please. Forward this to people that you care"

I was panic! Even though disaster happen, some of my friends still joking around, saying the radiation would grant us superhuman strength, grow tail ah, all sorts of nonsense, LOL! Heard that the radiation won't reach Malaysia..Even we are lucky, kinda think of it, its unfortune for those in Japan and nearby country..

Praying for rescue teams to help them.. This is the time to shine and save lives!

Anyway, this is FEI FEI! My cute little dog! Haha! She's feminine! Look like a girl man..

That's all for today chiaoz!!

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