Monday, March 21, 2011

Chapter 82~ I donated blood for the first time yesterday!!

Before Haircut! After haircut! Feel so lighter now!
Waiting for the queue to donate blood!
I didn't know Chin Soon candid!Yay! Even in the midst of donating blood! You still can act cool!

Hey guys! Just donated my blood yesterday! Woohoo!! Donate blood! Give blood, Gives Life! For the sake of rescuiing those in need.. I don't mind getting a poke! Again! One poke! Save life! Haha! Besides, its not pain after all.. Not as painful and gross as I thought! Looks painful, actually it does not hurt that much!

Oh! I just cut my long long hair! I felt lighter now! I love my new hairstyle! Go to CUTWAY guys! In ss15! Woohoo! Love it! Easy to wash now! Easy to maintain! This week Sunday will be my cousin's wedding and I will be perform singing! Hmmm.. Still choosing a proper chinese song! Something that is relaxing, sweet and chilling!

Alright! Signing off right now! Will update more! =)

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