Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chapter 83~ My path to realize my dream is still far ahead.. Its challenging though..

My dream is still quite far ahead.. Road is long, the valley is steep! Sometimes, it feels like giving up.. However, I've already head this far! There's no giving up! Pray God for His Strength! In times when I felt so weak, He's my source of strength.. I have so much to learn, so much to absorb and sharpen my skills..

At times, I feel so frustrated, thought I'm not gonna make it, or that I don't have the talent to do so! Constantly finding motivation, inspiration.. One of the example is Jess Lee Jia Wei, the champion for million star! Looking at her life, felt so touch! She practiced so hard, diligence and effort pays off!

Anyway, these are last year photo taken in class! During our presentation.. =)

Our tutor is friendly!
Kinda missed those times!

Different pictures if you notice our dress code! xD

And this is the video taken during our practice! We named our band " Boys1Girl" B1G! Hahaha! A bit similiar to BoysLikeGirls! Hahah! Jane was the only girl in our band..

Thats all for now! xD Till next post!

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