Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chapter 84~ Loving the journey I'm going through!

I'm seriously loving the journey I'm going through now! A lot of new adventures in storing for me! Haha! During my cousin's wedding dinner...
Snap! Snap!
Readying for the wedding dinner!

Sang during the wedding dinner with others! After that, one of the businessman for Station One offered me to sing at Station One! Any branch will be good! May be, Taipan, Sunway, SS15.. And etc.. Walao wei! Opportunity wei! I still remembered I wrote on 1 of my chapter about opportunities and hard work! Effort pays! Hehehe..! Anyway, my cousin got married d! Jasmine Lock! And her 2 siblings had kids d! Left 1 sibling not married!

Just joined the Choir club in Sunway College! While signing up, saw one of my classmates there, she plays the violin! I've been thinking of signing up instrumental wan, still prefer singing..hehe! Next wednesday will be my audition at 1.30pm! Must come early and prepare! Gambatte Andy! xD

My beloved friends! Went outing last week!
Yum! Yum! Solid food!
Bubur goreng! A random dinner outing!

We had a last minute random outing! Spontaneous trip because we are unable to find the place we wanna go! That's all for today! Signing out! xD

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