Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chapter 85~ A journey and a dream with my friends! xD

A new journey and a dream with my friends! We have a dream earning more income than we could ever imagine! It all starts from Herbalife! Michael took me to this health centre called Herbalife.. The people there are friendly! They are also have the same belief in Christ! Haha! A lot of them, I MEANT MOST AND MANY of them LOOK SO YOUNG! They are 30 and above,yet so healthy and young.. Why? Not just because of the product they take! Its not just a product, they teach you how to live a healthy LIFESTYLE!

Keep this in mind, you consider the product as your MEDICINE, regardless how much product you consumed, it will never produce any result! Mind set is important!You need a proper coaching from the trainer! They measured my weight, height, calculate my metabolism rate! And told me the amount of water I need to drink per day.. Its 5.5ml!

I'm going GENTING tommorow to attend a conference, a meeting, business meeting! Learning progress! Michael and I have a vision to earn millions! I can't do this alone, I need friends, most of all, I need GOD! WISDOM, COURAGE, PERSEVERANCE and etc is needed in me to realized this dream... I know parents and other people may think this is MLM ( Multi Level Marketing ) like Skor-A and Amway.. However, Herbalife is just a PRODUCT, its a VALUE for those, I EMPHASIZED those who are in need of HEALTH!! Previously, Skor-A have no purpose, but HERBALIFE! Why is it so successful? Is because they are fulfilling people needs, CREATING AWARENESS THE IMPORTANCE OF HEALTH!

Yesterday meeting! Multi millionaire businessman!

Anyway, wanna share this video! Love 徐若瑄( Vivian Chan ) voice in this MV! Her voice so angelic, melted my heart! Awwww..!

That's all for now! Have to pack up now! Signing out! Have a great week people! =)

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