Friday, April 15, 2011

Chapter 87~ A healthy heart leads to a healthy life! ^^

I went and measured my body mass, fats rate, metabolism rate on Tuesday which is 3 days ago! And you know what! Its improving! Fats rate,metabolism rate drop by 1%!! Lose 1.9kg! From 79.1kg to 77.2kg! If you round up, its 2 kg peeps! Hhaha! So happy!

If only I didn't eat that much on Friday and Saturday, I think it will be a big change! Brought Jasrynn to the centre in Taipan.. She's in need of shaping and cutting down her fats! She seems to be healthier than me!! But she can be better! Bless her with the shake and tea, also the membership! Condition is that she follow instruction for a week!

Jasrynn is planning to bring her brother, Jentzen and his girlfriend Cassandra! Cleo too! Herbalife helps those who are IN NEED OF HEALTH! We as a member could be their angel of health, helping them to lead a better life, when your body is not properly function, you're unable to live a happy life, doing the things you wanna do, especially spending time with your loved ones.. So why wait? Start from scratch for the sake of the future! Suffer a while and enjoy a lifetime! xD

Anyway, these are the photos I took during the seminar " Zero To Hero "!! Took with those millionaires!

His name is George.. Gave me the most impression! He reveals the nutrients and our daily eating habits! Guess how old is he? 50!!
One of the millionaires! =) ( Forgotten his name pulak! )
Our members throughout the whole seminar!
One of the successful businessman!
During the party!
Strong and passionate businesswoman!
Took with our members again!
We had lots of fun during the party! =)

My vision to the future is to see my loved ones, my parents living a healthy and happy life! With the help of God, nothing is impossible! =)

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