Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chapter 88~ Its a fresh start! If I wanna change the world, I should change myself first!!

May is just around the corner! My vocal test is coming soon.. Its near!

Greetings my friends, this picture look so old right? Taken on Tuesday during facial party.. I brought Jasrynn and Beatrice along on Tuesday! Haha! They loved it! Totally change and transform them into beautiful angel! Their skin so white, smooth! You guys should try it! The next facial party is on the 12th of May, venue Taipan! Beverly Hills! Its near by Old Town White Coffee! Give me a contact if you wanna go!

I also brought my parents! Mum and Dad went yesterday! They scan their body, Karine explained to them about health! My parents finally bought the product! I really pray my dad to slim down! Fats cut down tremendously! As for my mum, pray she'll be healthier than before! I always remind them about the procedure! Hheheehe.. Now I know what its like to be a nagger! I wanna ensure results! Making their money worth more than they spend!

My dad even told me, I can buy the product under his credit card! Awwwwww...!! He saw the changes in me! If you wanna change the world, you gotta start from you!! YOURSELF!!

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