Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chapter 89~ Gonna get busy on May!

May is gonna be busy! Busy! And busy! I have exams on May! Finals! Furthermore, I have vocal exam on the same day for my finals! Walao wei!! Still have some assignments haven't done and due for the following weeks! ROAR! Let's do it man! To be honest, I didn't study that much leh.. I'm risking my future on some business! I believe it will come to true! Its different from AMWAY! I'm helping people! xD

I can't tell my parents, they won't and forever understand! Parents in Malaysia are particular high in terms of pride! They never say sorry to you.. Sigh.. Never admit their mistake, use all sorts of excuses to cover up the truth. Is it so hard to say sorry?

Anyway, Happy birthday Mercedes! xD One of the member from Herbalife!
Took picture with Mercedes.. Her name kinda special right?

I'm blogging now.. Why do my dad always expects me to study whenever he sees me? Sien dao lo.. If I have a choice, I would commit my life to this business! And why can't I make my own decisions? I wanna go into performing arts.. Life is a choice! Well, everyone have to risk it, business is also a risk! The only difference is whether you have what it takes to achieve your goal!

I'm visualizing of myself with my team earning millions of money in the future! I'm starting from scratch! Now my goal is to be a supervisor! And when it does, that will be just the beginning of my dream! =)

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