Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chapter 94~ Health matters!

Just went to this health talk few days back on Monday.. Went all the way to Cheras, one of Herbalife branch! Daniel, one of the top millionaire in Malaysia, the first to be the top Herbalife in Malaysia! Earning 6 digits of income in a month! He even asked his wife whether she want a Porshe! Walao!

I really enjoy the talk, fruitful and so much to be absorb! Now I get to know what it means you never know if you never attend and listen.. I thought I've already know that much! But after the meeting, I realized and learned so much! I only knew I still have much to learn! So attend more seminars and meetings!

His teaching really motivates me! Healthy lifestyle matters a lot! I realized ever since I took Herbalife, its lifestyle, I became more brighter, more cheerful! Hahaha! Love the product I'm taking! I wanna make a change in people's life.. Seeing families, friends and loved ones living happily and enjoy comforts me!
This coach is a professional fitness coach! He taught celebrities like Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds and etc.. Woohoo!

Man! He's tall! Can't believe it man! Oh! This coming Saturday I will be attending my vocal exams! Both practical and theory.. First session is singing techniques, I will singing a minus one karaoke cover.. Next will be interview session.. Third session is oral test, theory and assignment question! Finally will be listening test! Gambatte Andy! All the best!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Chapter 93~ Farewell Justin! =)

Last Saturday we had dinner after service with Justin at Taylor's Lakeside Campus, Ohana! The pizza there is so cheap! Only cost RM10, we can call for 2 rounds! I love the meatball pasta there, just have no idea why it doesn't taste as good as the last time I came here.. Sigh.. So many of us that we have to separate our sits into 3! Anyway, the main purpose is to have a farewell dinner with Justin!!

Its kinda sad, he is a fun person to have fun with! He's an intelligent person, a potential leader and a businessman! Creative, fast in thinking, creating a scheme or strategy... Although I didn't know him so well enough, I can describe him as a person filled with WISDOM! Calm and cool, never submit to problems and he can solve problems that required immediate decisions!

Justin Loo! He reminds me of Richard!!

Group photo!

A photo of kissing! Muacks for Justin!



His beloved Cell Group members! Filled with LOVE~ ^^Jasmine Koay, Justin Cell Group Leader! =D
Justin and Janice =)
Jasmine and Justin! =)
Woon Shen and Justin!=)
Justin and Derrick! =)

Gonna miss you Justin! Have fun there, continue to be strong in God! We will be here keeping you in prayers.. T.T

God bless!Chiaozzz! xD

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chapter 92~ Mother's day celebration day!

Just celebrated mother's day yesterday! My club members came back from Thailand after the big event! " Extravaganza "! Woohoo! So they celebrated Mother's day later.. Anyway, they held an event " Have you had your Shake? Mother's day celebration" at Taipan USJ 10... Buffet of healthy fruits and vegetables to blend with shake.. Everyone was busy helping each other, serving each other.. Also, we had fun! Singing and laughing!

This are the members at Beverly Hills!
Karine with my parents!
Mum, Dad and I!
Happy mother's day! A request kiss from my club members!
Updating and follow up on health check!Jamming!
Had fun! Singing!
Pianist and guitarist
Nelson and I!Ryan, Michael and Nelson!
Ryan attempting to sing! xD
He looks so young! Don't look like 35 years old at all!The happy husband and wife! Ryan and Karine! ^^

After that, I went meeples together with Ka Hong, met 3 new friends! Hehehe.. I went back home quite late leh.. Around 2am.. Went makan at pyramid, we attempted to watch Fast and Furious 5, the queue is so long, and tickets were sold out even till midnight!! Is it really nice to watch? haha! Then we went " CLUB 9 " for pool session! We played more than 2 hours sial!

And after pool, Ethan, Jean and I went Makbul at USJ 9, Mamak store for supper! What a day! Will update more next time! Chiaoz!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chapter 91~ Nice spot and background!

MAN! Thank God for a change of time for my exam! I have more time to prepare now! Supposedly my vocal test crash on the same day as my finals! However, they delay it to weekends due to some important issue! Anyway, had fun last week.. We ate quite full in Taylor's Lakeside Campus and decided to burn calories.. We toured around the campus and found one nice spot to snap pictures!

I thought of this pose from Anthony Needly ( 倪安东 ) =)

Augustine Teen! From Taiwan! With fluency in english!
Jane! Finally get to meet her after she's back!
Hahaha! Its beena while since I made that move!
Wern Sern! He showed us many stunts after that..

We spent at least half an hour posing! Laughing! Some pictures are not uploaded due to privacy.. Some are uncensored! Hahaaha! However, nothing obscene! xD

Taking photos, went to library and chit chat.. And then to ss15 to play pool! And you know what, the TAIWANESE BOY, Augustine is good at it man! He plays like a pro! Walao! A worthy opponent! We played several times after we are hype!

After the game, I felt pool is fun! After I din touch the pool table for ages! Let's play again some time!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chapter 90~ Its another life!

Well, apart of just primary school friends, secondary school friends, college friends, church friends, I have another part of my " life " which is my Herbalife friends! They are all Christians! Its no wonder they are so cheerful! xD They just make my day every morning! And filled my life with not just nutritious breakfast, but also encouragement, motivation.. I really wanna thank God for wonderful people in my life..
Hahaha! This was from last Saturday! Their theme for that day is "Back 2 School"! Everyone wore back their school uniform! They all looked so young despite of their age wei! xD
Beatrice and I =) My college mate!

God is so GREAT! God is GOOD! And all the time God is GOOD! I don't know what else to express my love and thankfulness to God! I wanna sing and worship.. THIS IS ONE OF MY HIGHLIGHTS IN MY LIFE!

Now that God helped and guided me to a healthy lifestyle, I need to reach out and share, multiply the things God had shared! Let's spread the good news! Meeting people needs! GIVING HOPE! GIVING LIFE! Seeing a smile on their face delights me! I just love to see people happy and smiling because of the outcome result had achieved maximum satisfaction!

My Beverly Hills friends are currently heading to Thailand for this big event " EXTRAVAGANZA ", a conference where people from all over the world attending this huge event! I wanna go leh! Sigh.. Famous businessmen, entrepreneur and other foreigners will be there! I wish to be there.. Now Michael and Kent is on the train, my other Beverly Hills mates apparently on board plane.. Have fun guys! Enjoy the journey and take more pictures! Have a safe journey! =)

Alright! Guess thats it! Wait for the next post! xD Chiaozzz..