Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chapter 90~ Its another life!

Well, apart of just primary school friends, secondary school friends, college friends, church friends, I have another part of my " life " which is my Herbalife friends! They are all Christians! Its no wonder they are so cheerful! xD They just make my day every morning! And filled my life with not just nutritious breakfast, but also encouragement, motivation.. I really wanna thank God for wonderful people in my life..
Hahaha! This was from last Saturday! Their theme for that day is "Back 2 School"! Everyone wore back their school uniform! They all looked so young despite of their age wei! xD
Beatrice and I =) My college mate!

God is so GREAT! God is GOOD! And all the time God is GOOD! I don't know what else to express my love and thankfulness to God! I wanna sing and worship.. THIS IS ONE OF MY HIGHLIGHTS IN MY LIFE!

Now that God helped and guided me to a healthy lifestyle, I need to reach out and share, multiply the things God had shared! Let's spread the good news! Meeting people needs! GIVING HOPE! GIVING LIFE! Seeing a smile on their face delights me! I just love to see people happy and smiling because of the outcome result had achieved maximum satisfaction!

My Beverly Hills friends are currently heading to Thailand for this big event " EXTRAVAGANZA ", a conference where people from all over the world attending this huge event! I wanna go leh! Sigh.. Famous businessmen, entrepreneur and other foreigners will be there! I wish to be there.. Now Michael and Kent is on the train, my other Beverly Hills mates apparently on board plane.. Have fun guys! Enjoy the journey and take more pictures! Have a safe journey! =)

Alright! Guess thats it! Wait for the next post! xD Chiaozzz..

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