Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chapter 91~ Nice spot and background!

MAN! Thank God for a change of time for my exam! I have more time to prepare now! Supposedly my vocal test crash on the same day as my finals! However, they delay it to weekends due to some important issue! Anyway, had fun last week.. We ate quite full in Taylor's Lakeside Campus and decided to burn calories.. We toured around the campus and found one nice spot to snap pictures!

I thought of this pose from Anthony Needly ( 倪安东 ) =)

Augustine Teen! From Taiwan! With fluency in english!
Jane! Finally get to meet her after she's back!
Hahaha! Its beena while since I made that move!
Wern Sern! He showed us many stunts after that..

We spent at least half an hour posing! Laughing! Some pictures are not uploaded due to privacy.. Some are uncensored! Hahaaha! However, nothing obscene! xD

Taking photos, went to library and chit chat.. And then to ss15 to play pool! And you know what, the TAIWANESE BOY, Augustine is good at it man! He plays like a pro! Walao! A worthy opponent! We played several times after we are hype!

After the game, I felt pool is fun! After I din touch the pool table for ages! Let's play again some time!

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