Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chapter 92~ Mother's day celebration day!

Just celebrated mother's day yesterday! My club members came back from Thailand after the big event! " Extravaganza "! Woohoo! So they celebrated Mother's day later.. Anyway, they held an event " Have you had your Shake? Mother's day celebration" at Taipan USJ 10... Buffet of healthy fruits and vegetables to blend with shake.. Everyone was busy helping each other, serving each other.. Also, we had fun! Singing and laughing!

This are the members at Beverly Hills!
Karine with my parents!
Mum, Dad and I!
Happy mother's day! A request kiss from my club members!
Updating and follow up on health check!Jamming!
Had fun! Singing!
Pianist and guitarist
Nelson and I!Ryan, Michael and Nelson!
Ryan attempting to sing! xD
He looks so young! Don't look like 35 years old at all!The happy husband and wife! Ryan and Karine! ^^

After that, I went meeples together with Ka Hong, met 3 new friends! Hehehe.. I went back home quite late leh.. Around 2am.. Went makan at pyramid, we attempted to watch Fast and Furious 5, the queue is so long, and tickets were sold out even till midnight!! Is it really nice to watch? haha! Then we went " CLUB 9 " for pool session! We played more than 2 hours sial!

And after pool, Ethan, Jean and I went Makbul at USJ 9, Mamak store for supper! What a day! Will update more next time! Chiaoz!

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