Monday, May 23, 2011

Chapter 93~ Farewell Justin! =)

Last Saturday we had dinner after service with Justin at Taylor's Lakeside Campus, Ohana! The pizza there is so cheap! Only cost RM10, we can call for 2 rounds! I love the meatball pasta there, just have no idea why it doesn't taste as good as the last time I came here.. Sigh.. So many of us that we have to separate our sits into 3! Anyway, the main purpose is to have a farewell dinner with Justin!!

Its kinda sad, he is a fun person to have fun with! He's an intelligent person, a potential leader and a businessman! Creative, fast in thinking, creating a scheme or strategy... Although I didn't know him so well enough, I can describe him as a person filled with WISDOM! Calm and cool, never submit to problems and he can solve problems that required immediate decisions!

Justin Loo! He reminds me of Richard!!

Group photo!

A photo of kissing! Muacks for Justin!



His beloved Cell Group members! Filled with LOVE~ ^^Jasmine Koay, Justin Cell Group Leader! =D
Justin and Janice =)
Jasmine and Justin! =)
Woon Shen and Justin!=)
Justin and Derrick! =)

Gonna miss you Justin! Have fun there, continue to be strong in God! We will be here keeping you in prayers.. T.T

God bless!Chiaozzz! xD

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