Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chapter 94~ Health matters!

Just went to this health talk few days back on Monday.. Went all the way to Cheras, one of Herbalife branch! Daniel, one of the top millionaire in Malaysia, the first to be the top Herbalife in Malaysia! Earning 6 digits of income in a month! He even asked his wife whether she want a Porshe! Walao!

I really enjoy the talk, fruitful and so much to be absorb! Now I get to know what it means you never know if you never attend and listen.. I thought I've already know that much! But after the meeting, I realized and learned so much! I only knew I still have much to learn! So attend more seminars and meetings!

His teaching really motivates me! Healthy lifestyle matters a lot! I realized ever since I took Herbalife, its lifestyle, I became more brighter, more cheerful! Hahaha! Love the product I'm taking! I wanna make a change in people's life.. Seeing families, friends and loved ones living happily and enjoy comforts me!
This coach is a professional fitness coach! He taught celebrities like Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds and etc.. Woohoo!

Man! He's tall! Can't believe it man! Oh! This coming Saturday I will be attending my vocal exams! Both practical and theory.. First session is singing techniques, I will singing a minus one karaoke cover.. Next will be interview session.. Third session is oral test, theory and assignment question! Finally will be listening test! Gambatte Andy! All the best!

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