Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chapter 96~ 1 paper till holiday!

Last Wednesday was my second last paper.. Is kinda difficult but still manage to handle.. Haizzzz.. I don't have the motivation to score high marks! To be honest, if not for my parents, I would choose Performing Arts.. I don't care if it doesn't apply much in the future.. Even if you earned so much money, but no interest in your job or your career, what's the whole point? Life is not just earning lots of money but fulfilling dreams..

Anyway, still remain 1 more paper and I'm gonna enjoy my holiday till 17th of June! Because of Ka Hong and Mun Hin, I resume mapling, they came out a new patch! Big Bang wei, Maple Story Episode 3 leh! Experience points dropped so much! Skills and job balancing! If you guys know what I meant.. Hehehee.. Its fun to play with friends, you can laugh and help each other.. Just don't be too addictive!

So many events coming out! Father's day celebration in Herbalife! A marathon jogging or running in MPSJ! 10km running! Lol! I'm joining! Let's do it man! I'm joining with Michael! Oh! I'm kinda interested in doing part time job in Meeples.. Teaching people how to play board games and they are hiring people! Perhaps is a good opportunity.. Richard is working full time there!

I'm so eager to do a backtuck! However, still mastering my basics! Stretching, building up my core muscles.. I tell you last Wednesday training was intense! I sweat and do lots of stretching and flippings! Tired sial..

Anyway, this was last 2 weeks Friday pictures.. Was playing pool with Ethan.. We are addicted to this game as well...So focus...
We look quite alike wei! With our specs and the colour of our shirt!

Sometimes I get too busy, I don't have the time to blog! Till next post chiaozz!

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