Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chapter 101~ Middle of the month...

My holidays are over.. My semester four resumes! What a holiday! So much fun and adventurous... Just that my friends are going back to their uni on September.. Haizzz.. Its trouble times nowadays in politics.. Road blocking a week back, what a disastrous.. People are having trouble, even conflict with the police.. Nevertheless, stand strong in their beliefs..

I just signed up for my tutorial class today.. Jam pack full.. Supposingly starts at 12.30pm.. Instead, it started way earlier.. Thank God I made a proper arrangement on my schedule, only a one or two are out of my desire and didn't have a choice..

Anyway, haven't been blogging a lot eversince holidays.. These are the pictures of Fei Fei! My birthday present from my beloved cell group W28! My sister requested that I should snap some pictures of her once a while because she misses her dearly after proceeding her internship in Singapore.. xD

Lovely Fei Fei..
She loves to do that everytime I touch her nose..

Look so innocent..Awwww...Emo..

I guessed thats all for now.. Adios! =)

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