Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chapter 102~ First week of usual class..

Hmmmmm...! First week of my class! Not bad after all.. Is fun when you are with friends, studying together during lecture and tutorial.. Laugh along, have fun and in the same time learn something.. That's something learning should be.. To have fun! Learning ought to be a fun process.. Its all about how the lecturer or tutor teaches..

Unlike my high school year.. Teachers teach for the sake of fulfilling their duty.. Creating a boring and dull environment, how can students learn in such environment.. Why some student fail to achieve great results during their high school year but starts shining during college? This has to do with the education system and the lecturers.. However, we can't always rely on our lecturers.. They are there to guide us and they can't teach us EVERYTHING.. We have to be independent, do more research and reference on OURSELVES!

I love college and university! Its totally a different story when you are talking about high school and college.. College is somehow like tuition.. We are able to set our own schedule, going different class, different timing.. School on the other hand, is straight forward, the schedule is set and duration is the same during weekdays whereas college you can be off for at least a day.. Some students however attend classes for 2 days and the rest of the day are free.. **JEALOUS** Depends on the course you are taking..

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