Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lunch with ex-colleagues...xD

Just had my lunch with my lovely ex-colleagues, Mia and Salena.. 

One went to Alliance Bank, the other one transfer to OCBC Klang Branch.. 

In life, people come people go. It is a matter of time for me to get use to it. I hate farewells. Anyway, I'm glad to catch up lunch with them. 

Credits to Mia for taking the Picture.. xD

 Me and Brother Marvin, he look alike with Bosco

 And my lovely Mia Jie.. She's like my elder sister.. Take good care.. =)

All of us went back home except Marvin and his friend. They off to Sepang F1..

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I've been working in the bank not even a year, just 9 months. Basically, there is no increment for my salary payment.

But look at the bright side, my team leader and manager compliment my capabilities, that I've have the potential and hunger to step into the next level in building up my career in the future.

Today I've made a terrible mistake.

This taught me a lesson to think about the consequences and choices you made. To make decisions is to have the courage to face whatever the outcome may be.

In life, there's a lot of " Forgive but never forget", wounds may heal, but it may leave some mark, AKA scars.

Monday, March 23, 2015

A New Chapter, New Season, New Life.. (After a few years)

Dear diary blog,

As I've browse through my old post.. I vividly recalled back my high school and college days. 

Those were the days, my youth, my study life. 

You only live once, so back then my motto is always " Living Life To The Fullest". 

Well, I read back my profile description. Its funny though, I'm not gonna change it. It reminds me how naive and kiddy yet energetic I was. 

Once, I enjoyed blogging. 

Once, I've never stop blogging daily, it becames a daily routine.

Once, I always express my thoughts and feelings to this blog, I never post on facebook and twitter(when twitter was still hot), that's my principle.

After a while, I'm too caught up with my studies, assignments, exams, social life to the a point I've stop blogging.

Ok then, time to update myself. Right now, I'm 24 years old, I'm currently working in OCBC Bank in Puchong Branch, Bandar Puteri as a Relationship Manager under Business Banking Segment, Enterprise Cash Management Department. 

I've been working since 23rd June 2015. Currently I've been working a total of 9 month plus.

You'll be amazed how fast time pass. "Time and tides wait for no man"

Nevertheless, I've enjoy my job, my work culture in OCBC. Even your team colleagues are willing to help newbies, despite we are all internal competitors. 

Well,not all are as kind and generous. 

You've gotta be smart, sharp and wise. Its a tough world to live in. You've have to choose friends among colleagues as buddies and friends to share with.

Anyway, lets cut to the chase. Here are some pictures summary about the life I'm currently living. =)

                                       I love to keep my hair long before and after I got a job

                                        I've went for trimming and comb up for working purpose

                                                This is my Puchong Branch ECM team.. 

                                            My dear colleagues from other department..

                             I've started to club as well xD. I manage to become a VIP Zouk Member.

                                                                Life is good.. Night Life.

                                                            One of my buddy at work.

                                               I've started to follow korean trend (hairstyle)

                                                                    I begin to like fashion

                                              And finally, I've coloured my hair.. Korean style =)

I'm glad to see a transformation of myself, in terms of my grooming, my sense of fashion, and my social circle. That's all for now. Chiaosss..